An Angel in Disguise

An Angel in Disguise

So often, I hear stories from people who have purchased My Good Angel pieces. All of the are so incredible that I feel the need to share. This is a letter from one of my dear customers, Lynda, who wrote to me to tell me the story of how My Good Angel affected her family.


I have to tell you something. I just got home from work and went to see my mom to let her give her one of the My Good Angel bracelets I’d gotten for her. Rosemary, my mom and dad had 4 girls. My sister Lisa passed away in August of 2014 at the age of 48, and my mom regularly writes to her in a journal. Last night, she wrote to Lisa and said she hasn't felt her presence in a while. She then asked my sister to please show her a sign that she, "is still my guardian angel and that she is still around me when I need her."

I didn't know she wrote that before I gave her this angel bracelet!  When she opened the box,  read the charms that said she is always around you, saw the angel and she felt my sister again. She and I are forever grateful for your gift. I couldn't wait to email you about it. You are truly an angel in disguise, and I love you for that! Thank you for so much for bringing my sister back to my mom. She truly believes it was Lisa that brought you to us, and I do too! 

God Bless You!



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