Angels Working Triple Time

Angels Working Triple Time

Good Morning Rosemary,

I breath a sigh of relief as I rise this morning and I close the book on yesterday. My Angels were working triple time!

My fibromyalgia flared up at just the wrong time. My cousin (single mother of 4 college-aged children) went to get a CT scan and she was diagnosed with stage 2 colon cancer that ended up in her lymph nodes as well. I gave her my first My Good Angel piece. It was my way of letting her know she was not alone. With faith, family and My Good Angel, she won the battle.

However, a couple of months ago, she had cancer recur on her face. She’s left with a large scar, but she never complains. She just gives thanks to God and family for what she has. We are now waiting on the CT scan. It’s routine, yet she’s working through this being part of her life. We did just get good news though – one of her daughter’s, Brooke, just got engaged and is planning a December wedding with her college sweetheart. She just started teaching, and the kids in her class want to plan her wedding! One idea was she could wear a black dress since that is the color she wears most to class. So cute!

Finally, a deeply personal Angel Story. One of my best friends is a two-time cancer survivor (brain and breast). She has been feeling run down lately. Her blood work did not look good and they scheduled a mammogram on the other breast. This led to an ultrasound and a meeting with her breast surgeon, who wanted an MRI. She was understandably upset, with two of three boys still in college she knew what she would be facing again. I had just run out of My Good Angel pieces, so I ordered bracelets and necklaces immediately…I usually have extras!

I calmed her down and was able to get her focused. I told her the My Good Angel Story. She has heard all of my experiences, but I wanted her to know exactly what she needed to know as I placed the bracelet on her wrist. Tears all around as she grabbed onto that Angel as if it were a life preserver. I then handed her the MGA necklace. She adores her breast surgeon, so I asked her to give it to her. I told her that I wanted her surgeon to know that she is the inspiration, motivation and angel her patients go to while dealing with a life threatening illness. To them, she represents all that is the My Good Angel. They bring her their worries, she helps them go to their good, motivates, inspires. And the necklace was a reminder of all the good she does for so many.

She had the MRI yesterday and the doctor took the time to get the results while she was there. Three small cysts the side of avocado seeds were found. Not dangerous! What a relief. I know that My Good Angel can’t alter medical conditions, but what I do know is that they make dealing with them a whole lot easier.


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