Connecting Through Angels

Connecting Through Angels

Ever since I started My Good Angel, I’ve connected with so many people over the angel bracelets. I once gave a bracelet to a friend of mine who owns a pizzeria. She came to me shortly thereafter to get a bracelet for her daughter, and so I gladly gave her another. Just a few days later she came asking for two more!

“Why?” I said playfully, “I just gave you two!”

She said she there was a woman in the pizzeria who was bent over and in pain after just having had back surgery.  She said she was compelled to take off her bracelet and give it to her. The woman starting crying and thanked her but surprisingly replied, “I know someone who could use this more than me…” And they both started crying. Upon hearing the story, I too started to cry and handed her friend two more bracelets.

Another time I was in line to check out at a clothing store. There was a woman next to me who was clearly having a bad day. After inquiring if she liked angels and ensuring she did, I took the bag clip right off my handbag and gave it to her, explaining its purpose and meaning. She smiled ever so slightly, thanked me and then gave me – a perfect stranger – a hug. My Good Angel made a difference in her life that day.

There are so many other times that I’ve given away my bracelets to countless women suffering with illnesses or sadness. It simply puts a smile on their face and takes some of their pain, even if just for a moment when they glance at it. That is what My Good Angel is all about, and continues to motivate me each and every day. I hope it does the same for you, and that you can pass along the Good to anyone you see in need. 

With Gratitude, 

Rosemary Taylor

My Good Angel Founder 


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