My New Perfume Journey

My New Perfume Journey

When I started my jewelry line, my intention was to remind everyone of their innate good and to make everyone feel good from the inside out. But, in the distance I always had dreams of doing a fragrance. I wanted to create a scent that you would love and wanted to spray all around you as though you were keeping your Good angel all around you - almost like a feeling of protection.  

I began to envision a fragrance that made me feel peaceful, as though I was walking through a meadow of wild flowers the wind blowing my chiffon dress as I breathe in a fresh, slightly floral, citrusy scent that made me smile. I feel that my new fragrance really captures the perfect balance of some of nature’s most wonderful ingredients. 

Once I started the process of developing the My Good Angel fragrance, I immediately fell in love with this fragrance on the first round of samples. I just knew it was the right one!!! To my surprise, when I read the ingredients, I was amazed because I have never been a fan of a musky scent and in the ingredients there was not only bergamot, grapefruit, mandarin, jasmine, freesia, rose, but white amber musk too...surprisingly, I loved it!!!

I am overjoyed, elated and over the moon by the positive feedback and reviews of my new fragrance. I am so grateful and blessed to have such a great community who is enjoying it as much as I do! Here are a few of the testimonials my real customers have shared with me:

“This is my new 'go-to' fragrance! I love it - it's a light, beautiful scent. I've actually started wearing perfume again on a daily basis and loving the compliments I've received! The bottle itself has a My Good Angel charm attached to it, which is just so lovely and makes the bottle itself extra special.”   - Linda 

“Light, fresh and soft. Floral and airy not sweet and heavy. Very versatile scent - clean and natural. It's the kind of perfume that when you wear it everyone will ask you what perfume you have on!” - Melinda 

"Oh my goodness, I'm wearing My Good Angel perfume and it smells amazing! I keep getting asked what I am wearing. I will no doubt be a lifelong customer.  Thank you for making this and I love the bottle with the my good angel on it!!"          - Sue 

"I LOVE IT!!!! Even my husband likes it" - Jane Prydatko 

 “OMG!!  I love it! You got it!!  I am very fussy about scents, and I’m wearing MGA everyday!! - Darlene

 "I was in the store and someone stopped me to ask, "what are you wearing, you smell lovely!' Love this fragrance.” - Linda

 “This scent is Amazing” - Nicole

 I hope you can join me this Wednesday, June 7th at 7pm for a live stream on the My Good Angel Facebook page. I'll be talking more about the fragrance, and interviewing my sister-in-law and celebrity makeup artist Pamela Taylor! She is internationally renowned and is the author of a book called Makeup Techniques, based on her innovative watercolor method: The Hydration Technique. She's also an author of countless beauty columns and editorials appearing in international fashion magazines (including Vanity Fair, Vogue and Rolling Stone). Pamela is an authority on current makeup trends and techniques, as well as print and fashion makeup, and I can't wait for her to answer all of your questions! 

Thank you for always supporting me in this journey, and I can't wait for you to try the My Good Angel fragrance! 




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  • Liz

    This fragrance is replacing my perfume I have been using for over 20 years! I absolutely love it, and actually knew it would be wonderful after seeing how excited Rosemary was during her live stream! It’s light and stays with me all day…I usually don’t smell perfume on myself, but this I do and I love it!! I like knowing that I am keeping my good angels all around me!!

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