About My Good Angel

Everyone goes through trials and tribulations in life. My Good Angel founder Rosemary Taylor did too, whether it was her struggle with self-esteem issues growing up, going through a divorce, or living as a working single mother. No matter how many negative situations she went through, she made sure to always stay positive and make the best choices she could. She found that with motivational, inspirational and spiritual books combined with an optimistic attitude, she was able to thrive, both personally and professionally. She credits this conscious decision-making as the key to the truly rich life she's created for herself.

Once Rosemary’s children reached the age of making their own good decisions, she found herself constantly reminding them to follow a path of positivity and encouraging them to always go to the Good that each had inside for guidance. One day, when she overheard her teenage son and his friends making plans for the evening, she made sure to chime in with this reminder. He responded, “Mom, enough telling me – take your message on the road!” With that, the spark was lit and the My Good Angel line became Rosemary's way of sharing her message to "go to your Good" with the world. 

She then worked closely with sculptor Susan Finley to create the My Good Angel figurine. People fell in love with her and the company expanded to jewelry, bag charms, ornaments and more.

Rosemary’s mission is simple:


“I want the whole world to remember that everyone – regardless of religious beliefs – has an angel who serves to remind them of their inherent Good and to always choose the right path.”

Rosemary lives in West Islip, New York with her husband Ron, three children, her mother Angelina and the family’s two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, Princess and Lilly.